Guest Article Written by Ben Wong


The Root of Stress

Our minds are formed from a very young age through experiences in our daily lives, our family, neighborhood, schools and society. As our minds form, we develop certain standards for what we like and dislike and what we think of as right or wrong and good or bad.

Man by his very nature takes pictures of the whole world and stores these memories as photos within him; the pictures are where countless kinds of thoughts come from and that is man’s stress and pain. In fact, humans become a slave to these images of their individual minds and that is why man must eliminate the roots of these remembered thoughts to relieve his stress and burden.

As man discards these pictures – or memories – he is able to come closer to his true mind which is the mind of great nature, the Universe, and has no stress, pain or burden. In other words, he lives with great freedom and liberation and although he lives in the world, he has freedom from its stress and burdens. The method is called “Find Your True Self,” which is a subtraction method.


The Power of Subtraction

What differentiates this meditation from other forms of meditation is that the source of human stress can be fundamentally and completely eliminated. The method is easy enough for all people, from small children to the elderly, to follow and it is achievable by anybody.

This meditation method has changed people’s consciousness as well as their lives. Even after only a few days of meditation, some students report that they are able to completely overcome their anxiety, trauma, sleep disorders, stress, deepest questions and nagging and negative thoughts. Through this method, the founder Woo Myung, has opened up the path to the widest, highest, and deepest consciousness of the Universe for the ordinary people. 


How to Discard

With your eyes closed, visualize this in your mind: Imagine a piece of paper which has a picture of an apple on it. The apple you’ve imagined is just a picture that doesn’t really exist, right? Put that picture into a fireplace. What happens to the picture of the apple? It burns and disappears. Did we throw away a real apple? No, we threw away a false apple (the apple in the mind). Just as the apple disappears, so too will all the other pictures once one throws it away. If you can visualize this in your mind, you can do the meditation. 

The human mind is filled with all different kinds of negative pictures, which are also as false as the apple you just threw away. However, man has an emotional connection with the pictures in his mind, which makes it seem real to him. Think about it: would your friends acknowledge that the apple you made up in your mind was real? If you claimed the apple in your mind was real, your friends would call you crazy, right? 

At the subconscious level, these pictures control us and make us feel depression, anxiety, fear and worry – we act as a slave to them (unknowingly) and that is why we must throw them away. You can think of these remembered pictures as the operating system or software program on a computer. If you keep them in your mind, you will continue creating the same results in your life because your program is the same. If you keep the program of anxiety in your mind, you will continue having anxiety attacks. If you keep the program of addiction in your mind, you will keep following your addiction. Because everyone’s mind is so different, we all have different programs running in our individual minds. The solution to eliminate anxiety and stress is to eliminate the root or the internal program.



When practicing this method with sincerity, miraculous changes will happen:


  1. Your face will become brighter.
  2. Your face will become more attractive.
  3. Illnesses will disappear.
  4. All of your mind clutter disappears.
  5. You are able to succeed. Your efficiency can be boosted by more than 10 times.
  6. Exhaustion disappears.
  7. You are always comfortable and happy
  8. You have confidence in whatever it is you do.
  9. You will become free from illness and have longevity. 


Practice Makes Perfect

Due to the pandemic, people are now stuck at home and this really is a great time to start this practice. In order to get the full benefits, you should practice consistently and diligently, but the good news is you can practice in your own home. If you do this for as little as one month, you will begin to see powerful results. As with anything you want to achieve, as much effort as you can put into this study is as many results as you will attain. 

We recommend between 30 minutes and 1 hour per sessions in order to truly focus and get the most positive results. This study takes practice and sincerity! So, if you can do this for a month, you will build a good habit that can last for years.


Guided Meditation

We are committed to your success! All of your meditation sessions will be led by an experienced and professional meditation guide. Since this meditation is something you may have never done before, you will need someone who can help you overcome difficulties you may encounter. Our meditation is unique in that we can guide you every step of the way. 

In order to allow people to practice during the pandemic, New York and New Jersey meditation centers have come together to offer free, guided meditation with online classes given live every day. Please join for free at  and practice to your heart’s content. There are over 12 classes per week for people to choose from and you can join as many as you like to experiences the meditation first hand. We welcome anyone of any religion, race, nationality, creed or sexual orientation – because this method is for everyone!


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