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Hello, my friends.

Did you know that two out of five people will suffer from depression or a similar mental illness in their lives?

With the Covid-19 haunting us, the rate is higher. Lack of money, issues with making payments, unable to bring food into the house, and dealing with everyday living, unable to see loved ones can affect many more people. This year has been so difficult for us all. 

There is hope though. We will get through this nightmare intact if we get support. It’s either mental illness support and from family/friends, money, or keeping food on the table that will help. Check on neighbors, especially the elderly, and help them in any way you can. No matter how hard it is, it will make you feel good and bring on those positive endorphins that build up your spirit.

Personally, I am on meds for bipolar disorder and even then, some days are so defeating. I am lucky to have support in my life, so it makes it better but still I struggle with mental illness. With a psychiatrist on my side, I’ve been able to ride out the storm. It was difficult to deal with not being able to be with some of my family but at least they are safe, to a point, from catching this horrible disease.

Watching the news is heartbreaking. My younger daughter lives right in the smack of Toronto, Ontario and it had approximately nine hundred new cases just TODAY! (December 29, 2020)

Its like being in hand and foot cuffs and left hogtied. If you have more, share with those who have less. If someone needs an ear and a strong shoulder either video or phone chat with them. We are all in this together and help is coming in that there are vaccines available now.

Mental illness doesn’t have to win. Keep your chin up and fight back! Meditation helps too. You are not alone. 

Please visit for lots of information about mental illness and how to beat it. Have a Happy and Safe New Year. Things will get better!

Frances R Armstrong